The Beauty of Life

The Beauty of Life | Elle Vance | Tayssa Hubert | English

Join me on a magical journey through life in this delightfully catchy tune guaranteed to brighten up your cloudiest days. Listen here for the full EP release of "The Beauty of Life". Available in English, Spanish and French-Canadian. 

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Meet the Musicians

Elle Vance | The Beauty of Life | Music bio

Elle Vance

Songwriter/ Music Arrangement/ Vocal Coach/ Producer

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Elle graduated from MC College in 2010, studying Fashion Design & Apparel Production. After freelancing for different designers, as well as building her own brand, Elle had a change in circumstance; leading her down a spiritual path that eventually found her moving to San Antonio, Texas. Combining what she learned in the design industry with her passion to write, Elle embarked on this project to continue to create, albeit through a different artistic medium.  With nothing more than a song in her heart and the determination to see it brought to life, she learned as much as she could about music and its production. After a long journey, Elle presents her debut book and song, "The Beauty of Life: 24 Gifts and a Song".

Karina Farina | The Beauty of Life | Elle Vance | Music Bio

Karina Fariña

Composer/ Music arrangement / Vocal Coach/ Piano/ Organ/ Lead Guitar/ Background Vocals

Karina Fariña-Parra is a composer, pianist and vocalist who performs in her hometown of Edmonton,  Alberta. She  teaches piano and voice, and freelances as a composer and arranger. Her composing experience varies from pop styles to various formats of orchestral instrumentation.

Karina received honors in her Grade 10 performance exam with the Royal Conservatory of Music and has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music with a Composition Major from Grant Macewan University. Currently, she is majoring in music education at the University of Alberta.

Tayssa Hubert | The Beauty of Life | Elle Vance | Vocalist | Music Bio

Tayssa Hubert

Lead Vocalist: English & French

Tayssa Hubert is a French- Canadian vocalist from Edmonton, AB. She started vocal lessons at the age of 6 in classical music, and since then has participated in various Canadian musical festivals and competitions. In 2014, she went on to study and graduate from Grant Macewan University’s Recording Arts program.

Tayssa now writes and performs, with her partner, in their band “Quiet Talkers”.

Legna Vazquez | The Beauty of Life | Elle Vance | Music Bio

Legna Vazquez

Lead Vocalist: Spanish

Born in Havana, Cuba, Legna started writing her own songs at the age of 19. She began her professional career at the age of 21 when she joined an influential cover band in Cuba. By 2013 she started performing in the live entertainment industry, earning experience around the world, headlining at various 5-Stars Hotels in Asia and the Middle East. Her first solo album release was in 2020 under VexDistro Management. Influenced by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Sade, Celia Cruz and more, Legna has developed a very particular and unique writing and singing style fusing her caribbean roots with her musical influences. For more information, click below to take you to her website.

Melvin Kratky

Bass and Rhythm Guitar

Ryan Murphy | The Beauty of Life | Elle Vance | Music Bio

Ryan Murphy


A native of St. Louis, Ryan is currently in his eighth season with the San Antonio Symphony.  He was previously the OTPAAM fellow with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. He received his masters degree from the Juilliard School with Bonnie Hampton and while still a student at the Cleveland Institute of Music with Stephen Geber, Mr. Murphy made his solo debut with the Detroit Symphony followed by an additional solo appearance with the Cleveland Orchestra. Both performances came as the result of placing second in the Sphinx Competition in 2003. He is in his sixth year as adjunct cello instructor at the University of Texas San Antonio.